List of Personnel/R&D Organic Units

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MAIN - TEL.: (+351) 21 994 6000 - FAX: (+351) 994 6016

CV Name Personnel Group Unit/Service Extension Email

Legend: URPS= Unit of Radiological Protection and Safety; UPA=Unit of Physics and Accelerators;
            URNS = Unit of Reactors and Nuclear Safety; UCRS = Unit of Chemistry and Radiopharmaceutical Sciences
  Carlos Canto e Castro Responsible Network 6021/6297 E-mail.
  Bruno Mourato Technician Network 6020 E-mail.
  António Canaria Amaro* Technician UCRS 6180/6175 E-mail.
  Helena Maria Marcos* Technician UPA 6095/6055 E-mail.
  Maria Luísa Oliveira* Technician Library 6070/6024 E-mail.
  Maria Teresa Pires Specialist Technician Web Designer 6073 E-mail.

*Technical Support / Email accounts