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Oral Communications

  • 1st International Conference on Innovation in Art Research in Technology, Évora, Portugal, 10-13 July 2013, "Ion Beam Analytical Techniques applied to the Study of Valuable Artefacts", V. Corregidor, J. Cruz, L.C. Alves.
  • AuCORRE Workshop, Lisbon, Portugal, 17-18 June, 2013, "Análises PIXE de braceletes e arrecadas", L.C. Alves, V. Corregidor.
  • AuCORRE Workshop, Lisbon, Portugal, 17-18 June, 2013, "A gold solidus of roman emperor Valentinian I: Ancient coin or modern fake? An attempt to unmask using non-destructive analytical techniques", J. Cruz, V. Corregidor, L.C. Alves, P. Carvalho.
  • Escola Gil Vicente, May 15, 2013, "O Tesouro da Vidigueira: os segredos revelados por um feixe de protões", V. Corregidor, L.C. Alves.
  • 13th International Conference on Nuclear Microprobe Technology & Applicationsm, Lisbon, Portugal, 22-27 July 2012, "Analysis of surface stains on modern gold coins", V. Corregidor, L.C. Alves, J. Cruz.
  • 2nd International Workshop on Physical & Chemical Analytical Techniques in Cultural Heritage, Lisbon, Portugal, 4-5 June 2012, "External Ion Beam Analysis of "Tesouro da Vidigueira” Collection”, V. Corregidor, L.C. Alves, A. Candeias, L. Penalva, B. Maduro.
  • 1st International Congress on Historical Archaeology and Archaeometry for Societies in Contact, Barcelona, Spain, 7-9 May 2012, "Architectural tiles in the Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha in Coimbra, Portugal: Study of the production techniques Global Pottery”, S. Coentro, R. Trindade, J. Mirão, A. Candeias, L. Cerqueira, R. Silva, V. Muralha.
  • IBER 2011 – 11th Iberian Joint Meeting on Atomic and Molecular Physics, Coimbra, Portugal, 19-22 June 2011,  "Application of the external ion beam at ITN to Cultural Heritage",  V.Corregidor, L. C. Alves, P. A. Rodrigues, R. Silva, M. T. Marques, J. A. Ribeiro.
  • NTAIB 2008 – Workshop on New Trends And Applications of Ion Beams, Sacavém, Portugal, 1-3 April 2008, "The New External Microbeam Facility", P. A. Rodrigues. L. C. Alves, M. Vilarigues, R. C. da Silva; 2008.
  • TECHNART 2007 – Non-Destructive And Microanalytical Techniques in Art And Cultural Heritage Research, Lisbon, Portugal, 25-28 April 2007, "External Micro PIXE/RBS Analysis at ITN", P.A. Rodrigues, L.C. Alves, M. Vilarigues and R.C. da Silva.

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