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Hygiene, Safety and Occupational Health


This service, functioning under the name of  Occupational Health Unit, takes care of all the occurrences at the level of protection and radiological security, namely hygiene and radiobiological safety, hygiene and conventional safety and also medicine at work.

This service functioning in the direct dependence of the Medical Office, is located at the Unit of Radiological Protection and Safety.

This Unit integrates actually several subunits, which responsible researchers are the following:

Medical Office
Medical Appointments: Thursdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays.
Office hours: all week (10h00 - 17h00).

OHU organizes, in the scope of protection against the ionizing radiations, training courses and awareness actions.

Appointments/First-aid Help: Ana Palma (IST) / Anabela Faria da Graça (CTN, ext. 6360)