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Technical Services

A significant part of CTN activity is directed to the exterior through the performance of regular specialized services of high scientific and technological content. The main customers are in the areas of health, environment, valorization of cultural heritage, and in the productive sector, particularly in industry. At the same time the educational system is supported at different levels, namely in graduated and post-graduated education and in professional formation and development actions, and support to secondary education schools, particularly with the participation in the "Ciência Viva" programme.
    It also functions as a scientific and technical infra-structure specialized in support to the R&D activities of further education centers. More specific information could be found in Research Panels (only in Portuguese).

Safety and Radiological Protection
Provides a wide variety of technical services to the community performed under contract with companies, following the request of other Institutes or Government organizations, and in support to emergency action of Fire Brigades, Civil Protection and Customs. All citizens, companies, laboratories, ecological associations and any other kind of organization may request technical support.
Contact: João Alves* - Phone: (+351)21-994 6000 - Fax: (+351)21-9941995

Reactors and Nuclear Safety
The Reactor Operation and Exploitation group offers the following services: support to setup experiments; characterization of radiation fields in the experimental areas; irradiations of samples in various irradiation devices; production of isotopes. Detailed information on the conditions of use is available on request.
Contact: José Marques* - Phone: (+351)21-994 6115 - Fax: (+351)21-994 1039

Helium Liquefier
CTN operates the only helium liquefier in Portugal and since its installation in 1991 provides liquid helium to the outside community. Liquid helium is as a general rule provided in Dewars of the clients, which are placed at CTN where they are kept cold. The transportation of Dewars between CTN and the helium consumption labs should be ensured by the clients. CTN accepts unused liquid as well as recovered gas for liquefaction. The requests of liquid helium should be placed with one week in advance by e-mail or fax to (with whom the supply at the requested dates should be confirmed).
Contact: Carlos Pais* - Phone: (+351)21-994 6257/78 - Fax: (+351)21-994 3871

Methods and Nuclear Instrumentation
CTN develops its activity in the field of nuclear methods and instrumentation, with applied goals, mainly in two lines of intervention: a) development of nuclear methods, techniques and instrumentation for measurement and control, for applications in productive sectors of the economy and services; b) the supply of equipment and specialized services, including technical assistance and consulting.
Contact: João Manteigas* - Phone: (+351)21-994 6075/60 - Fax: (+351)21-995 1525

Radionuclide Production
Radionuclide production of Sm-153, Lu-177, Re-186 and others, for research and education purposes. The targets are irradiated in the RPI and submitted to chemical process in order to be supplied in the chemical and physical request form.
Contact: Maria dos Anjos Neves* - Tel.: (+351)21-994 6238- Fax: (+351)21-994 1995

Determination of Concentrations of Chemical Elements by Neutron Activation
Being a multielementary technique, the determination of a chemical element inside each series has the same cost of the full series.
Contact: Maria do Carmo Freitas* - Tel.: (+351)21-994 6130 - Fax: (+351)21-994 1039

Activity measurement of gamma and X-ray emitting isotopes by Gamma Spectrometry
Quantification of gamma and X-ray emitting radioactive elements found in solid and liquid samples. The radionuclides detected include those of the natural radioactive families; K-40; Be-7 and those produced by human activity (Cs-137 among others). The detection limits depend on type of sample and radionuclide but are on the order of 0.1 Bq/l for Cs-137 in milk and 1 Bq/kg for Ra-226 in soil.
Contact: Nuno Pinhão* - Tel.: (+351)21-994 6292 - Fax: (+351)21-994 1995

Multi-elementary Analysis by PIXE
Type of sample: Powders, biological materials (tissues and fluids).
Methods: Powder: analysis of pellets; biological material: depending on application materials can be homogenized, pressed to pellets or pre-concentrated by acid digestion.
Amount required for analysis: Powders: >= 200 mg; biological material: 100 to 200 mg fresh material.
Contact: Teresa Pinheiro* - Tel.: (+351)21-994 6250 - Fax: (+351)21-994 1525

Freeze-Drying  of Products and Biological Materials
Contact: Rute Pinheiro* - Tel.: (+351)21-994 6112 - Fax: (+351)21-994 1525

Elementary Distribution Analysis by micro-PIXE (Proton Microprobe)
Type of sample: In vivo analysis of biological tissues (e.g., biopsy); particles on filters; materials.
Methods: Biological tissues: thin cryo-sections self-supported; other  materials: direct analysis (e.g., metallic particles on filters; mateirals; artefacts).
Special requirements: The biological material must be shock-frozen and preserved in LN2 or to-80ºC near to the in vivo condition.
Contact: Teresa Pinheiro* - Tel.: (+351)21-994 6250 - Fax: (+351)21-994 1525

*Please add (@itn.pt) to the end of all email addresses.