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Joint PhD program of three major Portuguese Universities Recognized of excellence by FCT: ChemMat is a PhD Programme in Materials Chemistry with emphasis on optic electric and magnetic functionalities. It aims at providing advanced education and training in Chemistry including on advanced preparative tools, with a deep knowledge of electrical optical and magnetic properties of materials in order to address the most recent challenges in the development of advanced materials with emphasis on nanostructured and multifunctional materials".
For further information, please contact: Dr. Manuel Leite de Almeida.
Submission deadline: 30 March to 03 May. Flyer: pdf
CTN/DECN | 01-04-2019


» Events 2019

3rd International Conference on Dosimetry and its Applications (ICDA-3)
Local/Important Dates: 27 to 31-05-2019, IST, Lisbon, Portugal
Further Information: website
CTN/C2TN | 01-04-2018

13th International Symposium on Crystalline Organic Metals, Superconductors and Magnets (ISCOM2019)
Further Information: website
Local/Important Datess: 22-11 a 27-11-2019, Tomar, Portugal
CTN/C2TN | 10-12-2018

» Events 2020

22nd International Conference on Ion Beam Modification of Materials (IBMM-2020)
Local/Datas: 05 to 10-07-2020, IST, Lisbon, Portugal
Mais Informação: website
CTN/IPFN | 16-07-2018