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General Support and Administrative Department



The General Support and Administrative Services (SAG) ensures the administrative activity and financial management of assets and human resources of CTN, being composed of:

Projects and Human Resources Division

Responsible for activities related to the management of projects funded by external entities and the management of human resources of the CTN.
Technical Coordinator: Luisa Marques.

Financial Resources Division

Responsible for activities related to financial resources management , including accounting, treasury and stewardship , for the CTN.
Coordinator: Sara Neves (Graduated Technician).

Advisory Division

Responsible for activities related to budget control, document management , internal audit and billing for the CTN. Coordinator: Cristina Paiva (Graduated Technician).

Technical  Support and Logistic Divison

Responsible for the management of the means of support for research , development and service delivery , including shops , library , transportation and cleaning for the CTN.
Coordinator: Eng. João Louro (Graduated Technician).

Computation and Telecommunications Department

Ensures the management of the network services of Campus (software and hardware) and provides electronic mail, world wide web, DNS, FTP and other services to the user, as well as the supervision in the domain of the telecommunications.

Responsible: Dr. Paulo Rodrigues (add @itn.pt)                Tel.: +351-21-9946036, Fax: +352-21-9550117