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Installation Committee


The Installation Committee (IC) is the organ responsible for the management and administration of the structure for teaching, research and service called IST/Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear (IST/ITN). It is constituted by one president, one vice-president and a vowel. The president is substituted, when absent or impeded, by the designated vice-president.


It behooves the directive council, succinctly, the following:


The Unit of of Hygiene, Safety and Occupational Health will function in the direct dependence of the IC, with the aim of fulfilling the legal requirements in work hygiene and safety, with particular emphasis on those relating to protection against ionising radiations.

Installation Committee (since 1st March 2012):
President: Prof. Carlos Varandas (Ext. 6010)
Vice-president: Dr. José Joaquim Marques (Ext. 6115)
Vowel: Dr. Eduardo da Costa Alves (Ext. 6086)