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Areas of Competence

The areas of competence of CTN are associated to the human resources and equipment that support the R&D activities. At the same time and in parallel, undertakes activities to respond in a technically and scientific sound way to legal obligations or other situations, posed by the civil society. Main areas of work are listed below:

Physics and accelerators

  • Production and modification of advanced materials by ion implantation
  • Materials characterization with ion and neutron beams and x-ray diffraction
  • Radiation technologies: processes and products
  • Nuclear instrumentation and methods, modelling and simulation
  • Cultural heritage
  • Biomedical studies

Chemical and radiopharmaceutical sciences

  • Cultural heritage and sciences
  • Environment and analytical Chemistry
  • Inorganic and organometallic chemistry
  • Organic, inorganic, organometallic and radiopharmaceutical chemistry
  • Solid state chemistry

Reactors and nuclear safety

  • Operation and Exploitation of the Reactor, Dosimetry and Reactor Calculations
  • Applied dynamic
  • Radiation effects in electronics systems
  • Neutron activation analysis (NAN) and neutron scattering
  • Use of nuclear reactors for materials science studies
  • Development of novel detectors

Radiological protection and safety

  • Deactivated uranium mines and public health
  • Ionising radiation national standards
  • Evaluation of biological doses and effects and environmental radiological vigilance
  • Radioactive waste and radioactive matter transport
  • Radiation dosimetry
These activities are carried out by the research groups.
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