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The main goals of the Group of Radioprotection and Radioactive Waste (RRW) are:

  • To prevent the contamination of the environment;
  • To prevent the illegal sale, use or recuperation of radioactive materials, namely with scrap metal and, thus, to avoid the accidental radiological exposure of the population;
  • To check the safety in the transport of nuclear and radioactive materials from and to nuclear facilities.


  • 93/1493/EURATOM: Council Regulation of 8 June 1993 on shipments of radioactive substances between Member States (OJ L-148, 19/06/93 p 1)(50,36 Kb, pdf).
  • DL 165/2002 (244 Kb, pdf).
  • DL 174/2002: transposition of 96/29/EURATOM dispositions  concerning emergency rules (46.80 Kb, pdf).
  • DL 138/2005: radioactivity degrees (347 Kb, pdf).
  • DL 139/2005:  composition of the Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety Committee (94 Kb, pdf).
  • DL 140/2005:  transposition of 96/29/EURATOM dispositions for Portugal, May 13 (83 Kb, pdf).

1. Main Activities

The Group centralizes their activities in:

  • collecting and properly stock in a temporary storage facility the radioactive waste from applications in medicine, industry and scientific research;
  • keeping an updated database on the import, manufacture, use and location of equipment and radioactive sources;
  • doing research on the treatment of liquid effluents containing radioactive materials.

1.1. Running Projects

  • KADRWaste – Study of the Adsorption Mechanisms and Kinetics in Geomaterials and Their Structural Characterisation: Implications for Processes of Natural Attenuation of Heavy Metal Contamination and Radioactive Wastes Confinement. I. Paiva (Coordinator).
  • ACSEPT – Actinide reCycling by SEParation and Transmutation (7th Programme EURATOM - FP7-Fission2007) I. Paiva (Coordinator).
  • GEOSAF – International Intercomparison and Harmonization Project On Demonstrating the Safety of Geological Disposal I. Paiva (Coordinator).
  • PETRUS II – Towards an European training market and professional qualification in Geological Disposal. I.Paiva (Coordinator).
  • Characterization of Suitable Areas for a Long-term Radioactive Waste Repository Facility in Portugal. I. Paiva (Coordinator).
  • Increasing Cancer Treatment Efficacy Using 3D Brachytherapy (EMRP2007 Joint Research Project T2.J06 (iMERA-Plus/EURAMET) C.Oliveira, L. Portugal, J. Cardoso, et al.
  • Radioactive Liquid Discharges from Hospitals in Public Sewage of Lisbon Borough Council (CML). R.Trindade (Coordinator).

2. Technical Services

Radioactive Content (58 KB) In order to ensure the proper handling of radiation sources and radiation emitting equipment (e.g.: X-ray apparatus, particle accelerators, mammography, radioisotopes, etc.) and to protect the professional operators and the public in general, the Group provides:

  • radiological safety assessment of facilities and operations using radioactive sources and/or radiation emitting equipment;
  • technical inspection of industrial, medical and other facilities using radiations or radioisotopes for control of compliance with regulations and licensing conditions.

2.1. Forms Available

Obs. Directiva 93/1493/EURATOM: Council Regulation of 8 June 1993 on shipments of radioactive substances between Member States (OJ L-148 of 19/06/93 page 1)(50,36 Kb, pdf).

2.2. How to contact us?

2. Equipment and Infrastructures

Equipment and facilities are the following:

 Detectors room (40 KB)
Legend: Detectors Room (40 KB).

Radioactive  waste containers (34 kb)
Legend: Radioactive Waste Containers (34 KB).

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