Nuclear Reactions Group

1. Introduction

ERYA (Emitted Radiation Yield Analysis) is a Labview program dedicated to PIGE (Particle Induced Gamma-ray Emission). ERYA calculates the mass fraction of the elements present in a given sample, by integrating the relevant nuclear reaction cross sections along its depth.

The free version of ERYA can be found in here. Choose the Installer according to your screen resolution:

2. ERYA Calculation

The gamma yield Y emitted by an isotope i of an element e within a thick target bombarded by a proton beam of energy E0 may be written as:

Erya formula

where εabs(Eγ) is the absolute efficiency of the detection system at the emitted energy Eγ, Np is the number of incident protons, fm and A-1 are the mass fraction (concentration) and the inverse of the atomic mass of the element e, fi is the abundance of isotope i, Nav is the Avogadro's number, σ(E) is the nuclear reaction cross section and ε(E) is the stopping cross section of the sample in units of energy area per mass. The last two variables depend on the energy E of the incident proton. In order to perform the integration, the target is divided in n layers parallel to the sample surface. Stopping power calculations were made using semi-empirical equations of Ziegler et al. and the Bragg rule.


  • ERYA uses 1 μC for beam fluence;
  • ERYA will automatically normalize to 1 the atomic fraction.

ERYA package includes:

  • Detector Efficiency;
  • Ziegler parameters.

All these files can be changed by the user.
Bug reports and suggestions are very welcome.
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This code was written in collaboration with Dr. Nuno Franco.

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