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Photos Equipment (click on images) Main Clients
Gamma Level Indicator (DNG Mod. 2) for level control in industry CIMPOR, PORTUCEL, SOPORCEL
Portable Gamma Level Indicator (DNG-P) for level control of liquids and gases in bottles
Industrial security's enterprises
Light Weight Personal Radiation Dosemeter (RADX 100) Industry, civil protection, radiology and nuclear medicine, research
Determination of Radioactive Element Traces by Electrodeposition IAEA
Spark Counter Environment, geophysics and nuclear physics
Neutron Moisture Gauge (HUMICOQUE) for controlling the wet coke charged into the blast furnace at the Steelworks south of Lisbon Siderurgia Nacional, SOLVAY
Nuclear Moisture and Density Depth Gauge for measuring the moisture and density of soils (HUMITERRA) ISA
High Voltage Power Supply and Counting Unit (UAC II)  Universities
Geiger-Müller Radiation Detectors Several uses
Contador DC. Dual Digital Ampere-hour Meter Metrology and control laboratories, teaching
Fonte CC. High Power SCR controlled DC Power Supply Metrology and control laboratories, teaching
RadioScan. Gamma Isotope TLC Analyser (RadioScan) Metrology and control laboratories, nuclear medicine and research
6 Channel Micro-Current Source 6 Channel Micro-Current Source Research: electrochemistry, spectrometry, magnetism
Triple Power Supply/Readout System  Triple Power Supply/Readout System (Mass Flow Controller) Research: gas discharges in physics
  Voltage Divisors for Photomultipliers Several uses

Nuclear Techniques

Techniques Clients
Control of the refractory covering of steel converters using radioactive tracers Siderurgia Nacional
Elemental Analysis of raw-materials, using PGNAA Cimpor