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Determinação de Elementos Traço por Electrodeposição /
Determination of Radioactive Element Traces by Electrodeposition

Determinação de Elementos Traço por Electrodeposição.

Cell Electrodeposition Set:
Has four independent cells designed to be used with latinium disks 19.5 mm in diameter. The useful sample volume is 10 ml. Teflon and stainless steel are used in the structural parts of the cell. the anode electrodes are made of high purity platinium (Pt Wire 999.5). The platinium disks acting as cathodes (supplied separately to order) are thin stainless steel disks with one mirror finishing.

Power Supply:
Model 9611 constant current DC power supply.
For identical cells can be operated simultaneously up to a maximum current of 1.25A per cell. The load voltage is automatically adjusted to the desired current in the interval 0 to 17V.

Applications: is currently used in the determination of alpha-emitting radioactive element traces mainly in environmental samples. Radium, Thorium, Uranium, Plutonium and Americium isotopes.