The main goals of the PRS2013 conference are:

  • To promote an insightful debate on the growing use of ionising radiation in the medical field, in Portugal.
  • To serve as a forum for a widespread discussion of all the scientific, technical, socio-economical, legal, training, educational, and qualification and certification related, (or any other relevant topics) subjects referred to previously.
  • To gather all relevant national stakeholders from the Health sector to discuss the current status of radiological protection and safety of medical applications of ionising radiation in the country and identify key actions needed.
  • To review and discuss the existing and forthcoming legal framework of radiological protection in medical applications and its practical application in healthcare in Portugal.
  • To raise the awareness of all decision makers on critical issues related to the use of ionising radiation in medicine.
  • To disseminate current research, educational and professional projects undertaken in Portugal in the field of radiation protection in medicine.
  • To create and foster multidisciplinary cooperation between national specialists with relevant expertise in the field of radiological protection (physicists, biologists, medical doctors, toxicologists, epidemiologists, technologists and law experts among others).
  • To analyse showcase technological developments in the field of radiation protection and the contribution of industry to the field.