A one-day Workshop took place in Lisbon on 28th January 2014, mostly devoted to short presentations from the participants describing their scientific interests, knowledge, skills and competences and to disseminate information about the Horizon 2020 EURATOM Calls in low dose radiation research. A commonly felt need to proceed, developing specific organizational arrangements between the Portuguese institutions (universities, research centres, hospitals and other institutions related to the Health sector) in order to further strengthen and consolidate the scientific cooperation between the participating institutions, clearly emerged during this Workshop.

LOWDOSE-PT-2015 will be a two-day scientific Workshop that aims at being a follow-up and further development of the 2014 Workshop, with open participation of Portuguese experts (biologists and radiobiologists, geneticists, physicists, chemists, medical doctors, pharmacists, epidemiologists, toxicologists and other experts from different fields of Science, Technology and Engineering) and with the invited participation of a reduced number of foreign specialists in the scientific areas and topics of relevance for low dose radiation research. The main objectives are:

  • To gather the Portuguese experts in the scientific areas associated to low dose radiation research, in order to identify the existing knowledge, skills, competences, infrastructures, equipment, biobanks and databases in Portuguese institutions, that could be of relevance for the R&D activities to be undertaken;
  • To foster the scientific discussion between experts and to promote collaboration between the Portuguese research groups and institutions through the establishment of formal cooperative arrangements (protocols, memoranda of understanding, consortia, etc.);
  • To promote initiatives at the national and international level in those topics involving the sharing and utilization of these resources;
  • To assess the state of the art in Portugal concerning low dose research, namely in the Biosciences (Radiobiology, Toxicology, etc.), Epidemiology, Dosimetry and Modelling, among others;
  • To establish effective interfaces between clinical practice and research undertaken in hospitals and other research centres and universities;
  • To identify and bridge the existing gaps between experts and to pave the way for the advancement of low dose research in Portugal, in an international (primarily European) framework;
  • To discuss the way forward towards an effective and successful participation of Portuguese institutions and experts in the consortia to be created in the framework of the future Horizon 2020 EURATOM (and other programmes) Calls.

The successful achievement of these objectives will pave the way to a successful Portuguese participation in the Horizon 2020 Calls for proposals dealing with the biological effects and risks of low dose and protracted exposures to ionizing radiation and to promote excellence of research in the associate scientific areas.