Workshop Format


Proposed format (this is not at this stage a detailed Agenda):

Day 1: Morning Keynote talk 1 (invited lecturer)
Session 1: “Cancer effects
Session 2: “Non-cancer effects
Day 1: Afternoon Keynote talk 2 (invited lecturer)
Session 3: “Epidemiological studies
Session 4: “Clinical cohorts and studies
Day 2: Morning Keynote talk 3 (invited lecturer)
Session 5: “Radiobiology and biomarkers
Session 6: “Dosimetry issues in the medical applications of IR
Day 2: Afternoon Keynote talk 4 (invited lecturer)
Session 7: “Infrastructures
Session 8: “Education and Training
Discussion “How do we go from here

- Organizational issues
- Legal issues
- Technical and scientific issues
- Future actions
Wrap-up and Conclusions (15´)

Poster sessions will be organized (template for abstract submission is provided as annex).

Date and place: 15-16 April 2015, in the Auditorium of IST, Campus Tecnológico e Nuclear, Bobadela, Lisbon/Portugal.

Registration: see values.