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  Technological Unit of Radiosterilization


The Technological Unit of Radiosterilization (UTR) is located in Bobadela, Loures municipality of Lisbon district.

The UTR is a Cobalt-60 facility with a semi-industrial dimension, that was constructed in straight collaboration with IAEA, as a demonstration unit for the national industry. Its initial application was defined mainly for medical devices radiosterilization.


Radiosterilization is a necessary and very important operation, among others, in industries producing medical-surgical disposable products, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, food and decontamination of raw materials, herbs, etc.. It offers major advantages over conventional processes, in particular because the products are treated in the final packaging, thus eliminating further contact with them.

The certificate holder's Management System corresponds to Standard ISO 9001:2008.


The initial activity from the Cobalt-60 planar irradiator was 1.1x1016 Bq (295 kCi) in November 1981. Nowadays we are supplying irradiation services with an activity of approx. 71 kCi.

Vista dianteira da UTR. Outside Views

Front and right views of UTR.

Primir a imagem para aceder à Prestação de Serviços. Expedition.

Rearrangement system and expedition of
irradiated materials in boxes of 40×40×40 cm.


Transportation of goods.

In 1999 UTR stopped the operation during 3 weeks for maintenance and technical assistance. This was the beginning of a great amount of improvements in order to assure a more safety and profitable operation. These improvements were described in the project named "Upgrade of the operating and security systems of the Radiation and Technology Unit".

Radiation treatment is a process for heat sensitive materials, which does not use toxic products, reducing energy consumption and emissions. It is also particularly favorable with regard to hygiene and safety.

Moreover, we have given proper assistance to institutions and industry, made radiation technology transfer a reality, participated in R&D projects and promoted technical operating training.


The organization of UTR is embodied in the functional organization chart follows:

UTR Structure


Unidade Tecnológica de Radioesterilização
Campus Tecnológico e Nuclear
IST, Pólo de Loures
Estrada Nacional 10 (km 139,7)
2695-066 Bobadela LRS, Portugal

Accounting Information
NIF: 501 507 930
Instituto Superior Técnico
Av. Avenida Rovisco Pais,
1049-001 Lisboa


Campus Entrance
Tel.: +351 21 994 6000

PhD Eduardo Jorge da Costa Alves
Tel.: +351 21 994 6086
Fax: +351 21 994 6285
Technical Responsible/Marketing
Engª Paula Matos
Tel.: +351 21 994 6366
Command Chamber
Dr. Nuno Filipe Dias Inácio
Tel.: +351 21 994 6369