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  Helium Liquefier

Nuclear and Technological Campus (CTN) hosts for more than 20 years the only helium liquefier operational in Portugal.

Since its installation in 1991, it has been continuously supplying different cryogenic equipment at Campus and in outside research institutions, especially in the Lisbon area.

Sulzer TCF20 - Helium Liquefier (35 Kb).

Sulzer TCF20 - Helium Liquefier.

The original system based on a Sulzer TCF20, turbine liquefier with a 1000 liter reservoir and a nominal capacity of 10 l/hr without pre-cooling or 20 l/hr with liquid nitrogen pre-cooling, was in 2010 replaced by a new Linde L70 liquefier with a 2300 liter reservoir and a nominal capacity of 27 l/hr without pre-cooling or 47 l/hr with liquid nitrogen pre-cooling.

Linde L70 - Helium Liquefier (63 kb)

Linde L70 - Helium Liquefier.