Belonging to Centro de Ciências e Tecnologias Nucleares (C2TN)

  Laboratories for In Vitro Studies

This laboratory is equipped with a cupboard, with instruments for radiation measurement and with a microplate UV-vis spectrophotometer. In this laboratory different cell lines are used to evaluate the cytotoxic and radiocytotoxic effect of inactive and radioactive compounds, respectively.

Fume cupboard for radioactive bindings essays (8,4 Kb). Microplate UV-vis spectrophotometer (7,6 Kb).

Fume cupboard for radioactive bindings assays and Microplate UV-vis spectrophotometer.

Gamma counters (6,4 Kb).

Gamma counters.

These facilities also allow the in vitro biological activity assessment of radiolabelled biomolecules by imunoreactivity, internalization and externalization studies.