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  Applied Dynamics Laboratory

Experimental facilities well equipped for structural and acoustical excitation, as well as for response measurements and analysis, including:

  • signal generators, amplifiers, electro-dynamical shakers, speakers;
  • accelerometers, eddy-current displacement transducers, piezo-electric force transducers;
  • precision microphones;
  • conditioning amplifiers;
  • sonometer and vibrometer;
  • stroboscope;
  • spectrum analyser;
  • PC-based acquisition system;
  • controllers for rotating machinery;
  • small water-loop and wind-tunnel facilities.

Applied Dynamics Laboratory photo

Applied Dynamics Laboratory.

Computation Tools

Computation Tools.

The Applied Dynamics Laboratory is equipped for finite element computations, applied to static and dynamic analysis of complex structures. Such computations are performed using CAST3M, a general purpose computer code developed by our partners from CEA (France). Advanced analysis are performed with specific computational tools, developed at ADL. The test rigs are designed at ADL and developed at the Campus workshop facilities.