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  X-Ray Diffraction Structural Analysis Laboratory

Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis is a powerful technique for the determination of crystal structures. It is considered today as a routine technique for the structural characterization in organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry research.

Single Crystal X-Ray Diffractometer photo

Single Crystal X-Ray Diffractometer.

The Enraf-Nonius CAD4 Diffractometer is equipped with a Kappa-axis 4-circle goniometer, a high-stabilized 3Kw generator, a scintillation detector and a low-temperature device.

The equipment was installed in Sacavém in July 1986, and it is shared with the Technical University of Lisbon. At that time, it was the unique diffractometer in Lisbon.

This facility has been used in the determination of crystal and/or molecular structures compounds of f block elements and of rhenium, molecular compounds for conducting and magnetic materials, intermetallics containig 5f elements and in general for coordination compounds of d transition elements.