I-J Serviço/Service
Inorganic Chemistry Química/Chemistry
Inorganica Chimica Acta Química/Chemistry
Int. J. Mass Spectrometry and Ion Process Química/Chemistry
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering Reactor
International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics Reactor
International Journal of PIXE Física/Physics
International Journal of Solids and Structures Reactor
J. Chemical Thermodynamics Química/Chemistry
J. Molecular Catalysis Química/Chemistry
J. of Catalysis Química/Chemistry
J. of Chemical Education Química/Chemistry
J. of Hydrology Química/Chemistry
J. of Organometallic Chemistry Química/Chemistry
J. of Physical Chemistry Química/Chemistry
J. of Physics & Chemistry of Solids Química/Chemistry
J. of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Articles & Letters Química/Chemistry
J. of Research of the National Inst. of Stand. and Techn. Química/Chemistry
J. of the American Chemical Society Química/Chemistry
J. of the American Soc. for Mass Spectrometry Química/Chemistry
J. Solid State Chemistry Química/Chemistry
J.C.S. Part D: Chemical Communications Química/Chemistry
J.C.S., Dalton Transactions Química/Chemistry
J.C.S., Faraday Transactions Química/Chemistry
J.C.S., Perkin Trans. I Química/Chemistry
J.C.S., Perkin Trans. II Química/Chemistry
Journal of Applied Crystallography Física/Physics
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