A-C Serviço/Service
Accounts of Chemical Research Química/Chemistry
Acta Crystall. - Part A Química/Chemistry
Acta Crystall. - Part B Química/Chemistry
Acta Crystall. - Part C Química/Chemistry
Acta Crystall. - Part D Química/Chemistry
American Journal of Physics Física/Physics
An International Journal of Computer & Structures Reactor
Analytica Chimica Acta C-W Química/Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry Química/Chemistry
Angewandte Chemie Int. Edition (in English) Química/Chemistry
Annals of Nuclear Energy Reactor
Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science Física/Physics
Annual Review of Physical Chemistry Química/Chemistry
Applied Geochemistry Química/Chemistry
Applied Mechanics Review Reactor
Applied Radiation and Isotopes Reactor
Archaeometry Química/Chemistry
Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables Física/Physics
Bioconjugate Chemistry Radioisotopos
Byte Física/Physics
Canadian Journal of Chemistry Química/Chemistry
Canadian Journal of Physics Física/Physics
Chemical Abstracts (Completo) Química/Chemistry
Chemical and Engineering News Química/Chemistry
Chemical Geology Química/Chemistry
Chemical Reviews Química/Chemistry
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