Curriculum Vitae

Centro de Ciências e Tecnologias Nucleares (C2TN)

Name: Lurdes
Surnames: Patrício Gano
Born: 29-10-1960, Santarém, Portugal
Nationality: Portuguese

Phone: +351-21 994 6195
Fax: +351-21 994 6185
E-mail: lgano (


  • 2000 – PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon.
  • 1984 – Graduate in Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon.

Professional Employment Career

  • Since 2000 – Researcher, Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear (ITN).
  • 1990-2000 – Research Assistant, Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear (ITN).
  • 1985-1990 – Research Trainee, Department of Radioisotopes (LNETI).

Fellowships and Training

  • Biochemical Separation Methods and Protein Separation, Biotechnology Department, Pharmacia, Uppsala, Sweden.
  • Radiolabelling of white blood cells at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine of University College and Middlesex School of Medicine, London, UK.
  • Radiolabelling of monoclonal antibodies with Prof. Stephen Mather at Department of Nuclear Medicine Research, St. Bartholomews Hospital, London, UK.
  • Cell binding assays and rat biodistribution of CNS radiopharmaceuticals with Dr. Ralf Bergmann at Institut of Bioinorganic and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry, Rossendorf, Germany.

Membership of Professional Societies

  • Member of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Medicina Nuclear.
  • Member of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine.

Main Scientific Area of Research

  • Radiopharmaceuticals Development.

Other Scientific Areas of Research

  • Education and Training in Radiopharmacy.

Teaching Activities

  • Lecturer and national coordinator in the intensive postgraduate course, European Radiopharmacy Course, INSTN, Saclay, France, since 1999.
  • Collaboration in the Training in Radiopharmacy of Technical Nuclear Medicine Course students, ESTeST, Lisbon.
  • Invited lecturer on 99mTc-Radiopharmaceuticals, in Pharmacy Course, University of Lisbon.
  • Participation on the production of a long-distance Radiopharmacy course integrated in the european project Virtual Radiopharmacy – A Mindful Learning Environment (ECShared Cost RTD Action: IST-2001-32291).

Scientific Works

  • Monograph "Radiofármacos-99mTc – Renais e Hepatobiliares", LNETI, Sacavém (1988).
  • Monograph "Marcação de Células Sanguíneas", LNETI, Sacavém (1989).
  • PhD Thesis "Anticorpos e Péptidos Marcados com Tecnécio-99m", Lisbon, 2000.
  • Original Publications in Refereed Journals and Proceedings of International Conferences (37).
  • 104 Communications to National and International Meetings (43 oral presentations).

5 Selected Publications

  • E. Palma, J. D. G. Correia, B. L. Oliveira, L. Gano, I. C. Santos, I. Santos, 99mTc(CO)3-Labeled pamidronate and alendronate for bone imaging, Dalton Trans., 40, 2787, 2011.
    Journal impact factor: 3.838, Citations: 5.
  • S. Chaves, S. M. Marques, A. M. F. Matos, A. Nunes, L. Gano, T. Tuccinardi, A. Martinelli, M. A. Santos, New tris(hydroxypyridinones) as iron and aluminium sequestring agents: Synthesis, complexation and in vivo studies, Chem. Eur. J. 16:10535–10545, 2010.
    Journal impact factor: 5.476, Citations: 12.
  • S. Lacerda, M.P. Campello, F. Marques, L. Gano, V. Kubicek, P. Fousková, E. Tóth, I. Santos, A novel tetraazmacrocycle bearing a thiol pendant arm for labeling biomolecules with radiolanthanides, Dalton Trans. 23:4509-4518, 2009.
    Journal impact factor: 4.081, Citations: 9.
  • L. Maria, C. Fernandes, R. Garcia, L. Gano, A. Paulo, I.C. Santos, I. Santos, Tris(pyrazolyl)methane 99mTc tricarbonyl complexes for myocardial imaging, Dalton Trans. 4:603-606, 2009.
    Journal impact factor: 4.081, Citations: 13.

Other Publications

  • F. Marques, L. Gano, M. P. Campello, S. Lacerda, I. Santos, L. M. P. Lima, J. Costa, P. Antunes, R. Delgado, 13- and 14- Membered Macrocyclic Ligands Containing Methylcarboxylate or Methylphosphonate Pendant Arms: Chemical and Biological Evaluation of their 153Sm and 166Ho Complexes as Potential Agents for Therapy or Bone Pain Palliation, J. Inorg Biochem., 100, 270 2006.
  • M.A. Videira, L. Gano, C. Santos, M. Neves, A.J. Almeida, Lymphatic uptake of lipid nanoparticles following endotracheal administration, Journal of Microencapsulation, 23,855-862, 2006.
  • R. Garcia, L. Gano, L. Maria, A. Paulo, I. Santos, H. Spies, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Tricarbonyl Re(I) and Tc(I) Complexes Anchored by Poly(azolyl)borates: Application on the Design of Radiopharmaceuticals for the Targeting of 5-HT1A Receptors, J. Biol. Inorg. Chem., 11, 769-782, 2006.
  • M.C. Oliveira, M. Videira, A. Almeida, L. Gano, M. Watanabe, T. Thiemann, A.C. Santos, F. Botelho, C. Oliveira, Synthesis and Biodistribution of Two Novel Radioiodinated Areno-annelated Estra-1,3,5(10),16-tetraene-3-ols as Promising Estrogen Receptor Radioligands, J. Label Compd. Radiopharm., 49, 559-569, 2006.
  • M. A. Santos, S. Gama, L. Gano, E. Farkas, A Bis-(3-hydroxy-4-pyridinone)-EDTA derivative as a Potential Therapeutic Al-Chelating Agent. Synthesis, Metal-Complexation and Biological Assays,  J. Inorg Biochem., 99, 1845-1852, 2005.