Curriculum Vitae

Centro de Ciências e Tecnologias Nucleares (C2TN)


Name: Dina
Surnames: Nunes André
Born: 20-08-1968, Lisbon, Portugal
Nationality: Portuguese
Phone: +351-21 994 61 79
Fax: +351-21 994 61 85
E-mail: dina [add]


  • 1995 – Graduation in Technological Chemistry, FCUL, University of Lisbon.

Professional Employment Career

  • Since 2004 – Graduated Technician 1st Class, Group of Environmental and Analytical Chemistry, Unit of Chemical and Radiopharmaceutical Sciences, Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear (ITN), Sacavém, Portugal.
  • 1999-2004 – Graduated Technician 2nd Class, ITN, Sacavém, Portugal.
  • 1995-1999 – ITN Fellowship, ITN, Sacavém, Portugal.

Fellowships and Training

  • 11/1997 – Training Course "Protection and Radiological Safety", ITN, Sacavém, Portugal.
  • 11/1996 – Training Course in Hygiene and Work Safety: Part 2 – Safety in Chemical Laboratories, ITN, Sacavém, Portugal.
  • 07/1996 – Training Course in Hygiene and Safety in the Work: Part 1 - Radiations, ITN, Sacavém, Portugal.
  • 04-05/1996 – Training Course for Portuguese Nuclear Reactor Operators: "Introdution to Nuclear Reactors", ITN, Sacavém, Portugal.

Scientific Specialization

  • Isotope Hydrology.
  • Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry.

Main Scientific Areas of Research

  • Since January 1997 I have been working at the Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry for Light Isotopes. The work performed is based in the use of environmental isotopes δ2H, δ13C and δ18O in water and carbonate samples from Research Projects and outside services.

Participation in Projects

  • INOGAZ - Isotopes, noble gases and water-rock interaction of the central group of the azores islands: a contribution to the geothermal potential evaluation and the seismo-volcanic hazard assessment – PTDC/CTE/GIN/68851, (2007-2010). Co-ordinator J. C. Nunes (Azores Univ), P. Carreira (ITN).
  • HYDROARID – Evaluation of the hydrogeological potential and sea water intrusion monitoring in semiarid zones using a multithechnique approch: application to the Santiago and Maio islands (Cabo Verde) – POCTI/CTE-AST/55399/2004, (2005-2008). Co-ordinator F. Monteiro Santos (FCUL), P. Carreira (ITN).
  • GROUNDURBAN – Urban groundwater and environmental management in the Northwest Portugal. POCTI/CTE-GEX/59081/2004, (2005-2008). Co-ordinator F. Rocha (Aveiro Univ.), P. Carreira (ITN).
  • DISGAS – Dissolved gases in ubsurface hydrology – CO2-rich thermomineral waters (N-Portugal), POCTI/CTA/45159/2002, (2005-2008). Co-ordinator P. Carreira (ITN).
  • Identification of interaction processes between surface waters and shallow groundwaters within Sado hydrographical basin – SW Portugal, IAEA/F3.30.15 – POR-12957 (2004-2008). Co-ordinator T. Vitvar (IAEA), P. Carreira (ITN).
  • Assessing the impacts of agriculture groundwater quality using nitrogen isotopes. POCTI/47223/AGG/02, (2003-2008). Co-ordinator L. Ribeiro (IST), P. Carreira (ITN).
  • HIMOCATCH – Role of high mountain areas in catchment water resources – Northern/Central Portugal – POCTI/CTA/44235/2002, (2005-2008). Co-ordinator J. M. Marques (IST), P. Carreira (ITN).

Scientific Works

  • Author and Co-author of more than 30 research papers published in specialized refereed journals.
  • Author and Co-author of more than 16 oral presentations in national and international scientific conferences.
  • 2 chapters in books.

5 Selected Publications

  • Characterization of groundwater resources degradation at Santiago Island (Cabo Verde) ascribed to isotopic and geochemical signatures, P. M. Carreira, J. M. Marques, A. Pina, A. Mota Gomes, D. Nunes & F. Monteiro Santos, in Water Pollution IX (Prats, D., Brebbia, C. A. & Villacampa Esteve, Y. Eds). WIT Press, Southampton, U.K. (ISBN: 978-1-84564-115-3), 2008, 139-148.
  • Fluid/mineral equilibrium calculations, isotopes and geophysics as a multidisciplinary approach to the characterization of Monção hydrothermal system (NW-Portugal), P. M. Carreira, J. M. Marques, M. R. Carvalho, F. A. Monteiro Santos, H. Matias, R. Luzio, D. Nunes, in Aquifers Systems Management: Darcy`s Legacy in a World of Impeding Water Shortage, Nº 10 – IAH (Eds: Chery, L. and Marsilly, G), Taylor & Francis Group, London. Chapter 27, (ISBN 978-0-415-44355-5),2007, 365-378.
  • O Sarcófago Romano das Musas (Valado, Alfezeirão). Nova Leitura Iconográfica e Análise do Mármore, M. J. Maciel, J. M. P. Cabral, D. Nunes, Arqueologia e História, Secção de História, 55, 63-70 (2003).
  • Synthesis, Characterization and Study of the Redox Properties of Rhenium(V) Diolates, D. Nunes, A. Domingos, A. Paulo, L. Patrício, I. Santos, M. F. Carvalho, A. J. L. Pombeiro, Inorganica Chimica Acta, 271, 65-74 (1998).
  • Study of the Redox Properties of Tetrakis(pyrazolyl)borate Rhenium(V) Complexes, M. F. Carvalho, D. Nunes, A. Paulo, A. J. L. Pombeiro, I. Santos, Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta, 13, 305-308 (1995).