Curriculum Vitae

Centro de Ciências e Tecnologias Nucleares (C2TN)


Name: Christopher Ian
Surnames: Burbidge
Born/Local: 1974, Kettering
Nationality: United Kingdom

Phone: (+351) 21 994 6215
Fax: (+351) 21 994 6185
E-mail: christoph (add

My role is to coordinate research activity in the IST/ITN Luminescence Dating Laboratory, to optimize laboratory operation (equipment, protocols, procedures), and to develop new capabilities and research activity.

My research focuses on luminescence dosimetry and related methods, particularly as applied to the analysis and dating of soils/sediments and cultural artifacts, and increasingly for the characterization of radioactivity and its effects in natural and man-made materials.

I have a strong interest in the development of luminescence techniques and applications, and hence in basic understanding of the physical and chemical systems involved. I am developing analytical methodologies in environmental dosimetry and luminescence processes, and absolute chronologies for later prehistoric sites around Iberia, Quaternary coastal geomorphological processes in Portugal and Mozambique, and high-fired Post Mediaeval ceramics and historic tiles. These studies have produced theoretical developments and integrated approaches to experiment, analysis and interpretation, using different luminescence, geochemical and mineralogical methods.

Professional Employment Career

  • 2008-date – Auxiliary Investigator (contract) in Applied Physics, Group of Applied Geochemistry & Luminescence on Cultural Heritage, Unit of Chemical and Radiopharmaceutical Sciences, Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear (now IST/ITN, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa), Sacavém, Portugal.
  • 2006-2008 – Post Doctoral Research Assistant for contracted and collaborative luminescence studies, Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre, East Kilbride, UK.
  • 2004-2006 – Post Doctoral Research Assistant in Luminescence Dating, NERC Project, Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre, East Kilbride, UK.


  • 2003 – PhD, Luminescence Dating, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK (Departmental Scholarship).
  • 1998 – MA (Distinction), Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford, UK (British Academy Bursary).
  • 1995 – BSc (Joint Hons), Geophysics and Planetary Physics and Physics, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Scientific Works

  • Organization and hosting of the second Luminescence in Archaeology International Symposium: L.A.I.S. 2012, Lisbon. (
  • Leadership of 2 projects (€198k), participation in 7 (€1.2M).
  • Author or co-author of 12 original publications in international refereed journals, 9 book sections and other papers (+6 In Prep/Submitted), and 26 project reports (1 published as a book).
  • 65 session shares, lectures, oral presentations and other communications to national and international conferences and meetings.
  • Review of articles for Radiation Measurements, Quaternary Geochronology, Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry.
  • Guest Editor, L.A.I.S 2012 special issue. Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry.
  • Secretary, WG10 Retrospective Dosimetry, EURADOS.
  • Review and expert reports for project proposals to the National Research Foundation (South Africa), l'Agence Nationale de la Recherche (France) and Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Univerità e della Ricerca (Italy).

Membership of Professional Societies

  • 2010-date – Sociedad de Arqueometría Aplicada al Patrimonio Cultural.
  • 2009-date – GeoBioTec Research Team, Universidade de Aveiro, Integrated Member.
  • 2009-date – EURADOS WG10 "Retrospective dosimetry", Full Member.
  • 2001-date – Quaternary Research Association.

Supervision and Teaching

  • 2010-date – Co-supervisor. FCT Doctoral Fellowship SFRH/BD/62396/2009 "Geoquímica, mineralogia e cronologia absoluta de materiais geo-arqueológicos circundantes à barragem do Alqueva. Contribuição para o conhecimento e valorização do património cultural", A. L. Sebastião Rodrigues. Supervisor F. Rocha, Universidade de Aveiro. Co-supervisor M. I. Dias. Partners: ITN, UA, NIA-ERA Arqueologia S.A (A. Valera).
  • 2010-date – Co-supervisor. Doctoral project funded by the Estrada Foundation "Archeometry and Dating of Ceramics", J. Mungur Medhi. Supervisor L. Oosterbeek, Polytechnic of Tomar. Co-supervisor M.I. Dias. Partners: UTAD, IPT, ITN.
  • 2008-2009 – Co-supervisor. Masters Dissertation Project (18/20) "Archaeometry of ceramics from a Portuguese collection", J. Mungur Medhi, Polytechnic of Tomar, Mação. Supervisor Prof. Luiz Oosterbeek.
  • 2004-date – Training and supervision of technicians, students and visiting researchers in activities related to luminescence dating, in the laboratory and the field. ITN and SUERC.
  • 2005. Design and presentation of lectures on "Trapped Charge Dating", and tour of SUERC facilities, for Honours & Masters students. University of Glasgow.
  • 1999-2001 – Demonstration to undergraduates, IGES, University of Wales Aberystwyth, in "Geographic data acquisition, analysis and presentation", and, "Analysis and presentation of quantitative data".

Participation in Projects


  • Principal Investigator. "Spatial Variation of Dose Rate in Soils and Sediments- VADOSE". PTDC/AAC-AMB/121375/2010. €198k. Coordenador: ITN (C.I. Burbidge). Partners: U. Aveiro, GEOBIOTEC (Portugal), SUERC (U.K.).
  • Coordinator and Responsible Investigator - Portugal. Luminescence-Dosimetric processes In Quartz. italia128584682220330. Convénio Portugal (FCT) / Itália (CNR) 2011-2012. Responsible Investigator - Italy, Prof. M. Martini, CUDaM, UNIMIB.
  • Co-investigator. GEOBIOTEC. Strategic Project - UI 4035 - 2011-2012. PEst-C/CTE/UI4035/2011. FCT / FEDER - COMPETE. €498k. Coordinator of Project: Fernando Rocha, U.A.
  • Co-investigator. Gestão da morte na Pré-História Recente: práticas funerárias no recinto dos Perdigões. PTDC/CS-ANT/104333/2008. FCT. Coordinator of Project: UC, Centro de Investigação em Antropologia (Ana M. Silva). Partners: NIA-ERA Arqueologia S.A. ITN.
  • Co-investigator. Diagnóstico, descontaminação e conservação da herança cultural: neutrões e radiação ionizante em objectos de arte (RADIART). PTDC/HIS-HEC/101756/2008 Coordinator of Project: ITN (M. Isabel Prudêncio). Partners: IMC.
  • Co-investigator. RUPSCIENCE - Analysis of the operational chains, archaeometry and chronology of Rock Art Paintings. An approach to materials technology of Portugal, Spain and Colombia’s contexts. PTDC/HIS-ARQ/101299/2008. Coordinator of Project: IPT (Luiz Oosterbeek). Other partners: ITN; UTAD; GIPRI, Bogota; IRP-UPV, Valencia; MAE/USP, São Paulo.


  • Co-investigator. "Dating, authenticity, materials, pigments. A laboratory study on Portuguese Faience and Chinese Porcelain produced for the Portuguese market (XVI to XVIII centuries)". PTDC/HAH/69506/2006. Coordinator of Project: ITN (M. Isabel Dias). Partners: Cenimat/FCT/UNL; MNAA, IPCR.
  • Co-investigator. "Halieutical resources industry in roman times: the Casa do Governador da Torre de Belém, the Tagus estuary and the Atlantic coast." PTDC/HAH/74075/2006. Coordinator of Project: FL/UL (Carlos Fabião). Other partners: ITN; Era Arqueologia SA.
  • Co-investigator. "Transition landscapes: settlement, technology and chrono-stratigraphy of the transition to farming in central Portugal." PTDC/HAH/71361/2006. Coordinator of Project: IPT (Luiz Oosterbeek). Other partners: ITN; UTAD.
  • Post-doctoral Research Assistant. "Neanderthal climate preferences and tolerances: the need for a better chronology", NERC EFCHED (£185k). Coordinator R. Housley (U.Glasgow). Other partners SUERC (Glasgow), U.Cambridge, Russian Acad. Sci., Ukranian Acad. Sci., Inst. f. Ur- & Frühgeschichte (Köln), Max-Planck Inst. f. Evolutionary Anthropology (Liepzig).

Relevant Publications

  • Burbidge, C.I., 2012. Facets of Luminescence for Dating. Spectroscopy Letters, 45, 118-126.
    Journal impact factor: 0.667. Citations: 0.
  • Burbidge, C.I., Cabo Verde, S.I., Fernandes, A.C., Prudêncio, M.I., Botelho, M.L., Dias, M.I., Cardoso, G. 2011. Dosimetry in the multi kilo-Gray range using optically-stimulated luminescence (OSL) and thermally-transferred OSL from quartz, Radiation Measurements, 46, 860-865.
    Journal impact factor: 0.861. Citations: 1.
  • Burbidge, C.I., Rodrigues, A.L., Dias, M.I., Prudêncio, M.I., Cardoso, G.O. 2010. Optimisation of preparation and measurement protocols for luminescence dating of small samples from a suite of porcelains and faiences. Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, 10, 53-60.
    Journal impact factor: 0.4. Citations: 1.
  • Burbidge, C.I., Dias, M.I., Prudêncio, M.I., Rebêlo, L.P., Cardoso, G.O., Brito, P. 2009. Internal α activity: localisation, compositional associations and effects on OSL signals in quartz approaching β saturation. Radiation Measurements, 44, 494-500.
    Journal impact factor: 0.861. Citations: 3.
  • Survey of Palaeolithic sites by luminescence profiling, a case study from Eastern Europe, Burbidge, C.I., Sanderson, D.C.W., Housley, R.A. and Allsworth Jones, P., Quaternary Geochronology 2, 296-302. 2007.
  • A Bayesian approach to the evaluation of equivalent doses in sediment mixtures for luminescence dating, Sivia, D.S., Burbidge, C.I., Roberts, R.G. and Bailey, R.M., In Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods in Science and Engineering, AIP Conference Proceedings, 305-311. 2004.
  • Combined gamma and beta dosimetry, using Al2O3:C, for in situ measurements on a sequence of archaeological deposits, Burbidge, C.I. and Duller, G.A.T., Radiation Measurements 37, 285-291. 2003.
  • Tese do Doutoramento: “Luminescence investigations and dating of anthropogenic palaeosols from South Mainland Shetland”, 2003, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK. 396 p.