Curriculum Vitae

Centro de Ciências e Tecnologias Nucleares (C2TN)


Name: Luís Manuel Cerqueira Lopes
Surnames: Alves
Born: 07-04-1958, Lisbon
Nationality: Portuguese

Phone.: +351-21 994 6110
Fax: +351 21-994 1525
E-mail: lcalves (


  • 2004 – PhD in Physics, Nuclear Physics by the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa.
  • 1993 – MSc in Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics by the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa.
  • 1986 – Graduation in Physics, Microphysics by the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa.

Professional Employment Career

  • Since 2004 – Auxiliary Researcher, Group of Advanced Materials Research, Ion Beam Laboratory (IBL), Unit of Physics and Accelerators, ITN (ITN became part of the Technical University in March 2012, adopting the short name IST/ITN).
  • 1995-2004 – Research Assistant, ITN.
  • Since 1992 – CFNUL Member (Centro de Física Nuclear da Universidade de Lisboa).
  • 1991-1995 – Graduate Technician, ITN (then INETI).
  • 1989-1991 – Trainee for Graduate Technician, ITN (then LNETI).
  • 1987-1989 – Research Trainee, Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear (ITN, then LNETI), Sacavém, Portugal.

Main Scientific Areas of Research

  • Application and development of techniques of analysis using ion beam, with the Van de Graaff accelerator of ITN, in Sacavém.
  • Experimental implementation concerning development of equipment and software of control and treatment of data, with emphasis on the Microssonda Nuclear of the CFNUL/ITN.
  • Applications in science of materials, arqueometry, environment (aerosols) and mineralogy.

5 Selected Publications

  • J. Delgado, M. Vilarigues, A. Ruivo, V. Corregidor, R.C. da Silva, L.C. Alves, Characterisation of medieval yellow silver stained glass from Convento de Cristo in Tomar, Portugal, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. B269, 20 (2011) 2383-2388.
    Journal impact factor: 1.114, Citations: 3.
  • F.K.M. Reiser, D.R.N. Rosa, A.M.M. Pinto, J.R.S. Carvalho,, Mineralogy and geochemistry of tin- and germanium-bearing copper ore, Barrigão re-mobilized vein deposit, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Portugal, International Geology Review 53,10 (2011) 1212-1238, Art. Nº: PII 922195558.
    Journal impact factor: 2.067, Citations: 2.
  • GM Wright, RS Al, E Alves, LC Alves, NP Barradas, AW Kleyn, NJL Cardozo, HJ van der Meiden, Philipps V, GJ van Rooij, et. al., Carbon film growth and hydrogenic retention of tungsten exposed to carbon-seeded high density deuterium plasmas, J. Nucl. Mater. 396, 2-3 (2010) 176-180.
    Journal impact factor: 1.402, Citations: 8.
  • M Pereira, T de Lacerda-Aroso, MJM Gomes, A Mata, LC Alves, P Colomban, Ancient Portuguese Ceramic Wall Tiles ("Azulejos"): Characterization of the Glaze and Ceramic Pigments, JOURNAL OF NANO RESEARCH, Volume: 8 (2009) 79-88.
    Journal impact factor: 0.57, Citations: 12.

Other Publications

  • P. Aguer, L.C. Alves, Ph. Barberet, E. Gontier, S. Incerti, C. Michelet-Habchi, Zs. Kertész, A .Z. Kiss, P. Moretto, J. Pallon, T. Pinheiro, J.E. Surlève-Bazeille, Z. Szikszai, A. Veríssimo, M.D. Ynsa, Skin morphology and layer identification using different STIM geometries, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. (2004).
  • C. Stelian, T. Duffar, A. Mitric, V. Corregidor, L.C. Alves and N.P. Barradas, Growth of concentrated GaInSb alloys with improved chemical homogeneity at low and variable pulling rates, Journal of Crystal Growth, 283 (1-2) (2005) 124-133.
  • L.C. Alves, M.B.H. Breese, E. Alves, A. Paúl, M.R. da Silva, J.C. Soares, Micron-Scale Analysis of SiC/SiCf Composites using the New Lisbon Nuclear Microprobe, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. B161-163 (2000) 334-338.
  • Imaging of Charge Transport in Polycrystalline Diamond using Ion Beam Induced Charge Microscopy, P.J. Sellin, M.B.H. Breese, A.P. Knights, L.C. Alves, R.S. Sussmann, A.J. Whitehead,  App. Phys. Letters Vol. 77, Numb. 6 (2000) 913.
  • L.C. Alves, M.A. Reis, M.C. Freitas, M.A. Gouveia,  Elemental Analysis of Particulate Matter and Source Identification in Lisbon, X-Ray Spectrometry, 27 (1998) 313,
  • D.M. Metcalf, J.M.P. Cabral, L.C. Alves, Sixth Century Visigothic Metrology. Some Evidence from Portugal, American Journal of Numismatics, Series 3-4 (1991-92) 65.
  • M.A. Reis, L.C. Alves,  DATTPIXE, A Computer Package for TTPIXE Data Analysis, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. B68 (1992) 300.

Participation in Projects

  • IAEA/TC/INT/1/039: "Nuclear Measurement Techniques" (1988-1989).
  • IAEA/POR/8/006: "Monitoring of trace-element air pollution" (1994-1997).
  • JNICT/DGA PEAM/P/GAG/226/93 1995: "Poluição por Elementos Metálicos na Bacia do Trancão - Solos, Sedimentos e Recursos Hídricos", (1996-1998).
  • JNICT/PEAM/P/AMA/615/95: "Estudo da Dispersão Elementar de Poluentes na Região Industrial do Estuário do Sado Utilizando Biomonitores (1996-1999).
  • IAEA/CRP/9938: "Study of Atmospheric Dispersion of Pollutants in the Industrial Region of the Sado Estuary Using Biomonitors" (1997-2001).
  • IAEA/94779/R0: Co-ordinated Research Programme on Workplace Monitoring and Occupational Health Studies using Nuclear and Nuclear Related Analytical Techniques, "Particulate Matter and Health - from Air to Human Lungs" (1997-1999).
  • FCT/PRAXIS/PSAU/C/SAU /120/96: "Irradiação de Implants de Biomaterials para Doentes Oncológicos de Cabeça e Pescoço" (1997-1999).
  • Installation and development of a Ionic Microssonda in the Ion Beam Laboratory of ITN, financed by FCT (CFNUL Cooperation) and IAEA (agreement within the project POR/1/009/G1: "Focused MeV Ion Beams for Microanalysis" at the Portuguese Nuclear Research Center).
  • EURATOM-IST/CFNUL (European Fusion Long-Term Technology Programme): Sub-Task - Precise Ion Beam Analysis of Advanced Materials for Nuclear Fusion Reactors. (1997-1998); EFDA (European Fusion Development Agreement), "Surface Composition Investigations of Li4 Si O4 and Li2 Ti O3 Exposed to Long Term Annealing and Breeders" (2001-2002); EFDA "Investigation of the resistivity of beryllium pebble bed in reducing He + 0.1 % H2 atmosphere and Characterization of mono-sized beryllium pebbles" (2000-2001); EFDA "Impurity Measurements on Eurofer 97" (2001-2002); EFDA Compatibility: characterisation of corroded surfaces and impurity mapping (2001-2002); EFDA "Morphological Characterization and Inpurity Studies of SiCSiC composites (2002-2003); EFDA "Detailed Characterisation of EU ODS (2003-2004).
  • ICCTI/CSIC: "Optimization of PIXE and Nuclear Microprobe set-up to Biomedical Applications", Portugal-Spain Bilateral Cooperation (2002-2003).
  • NANODERM/EC/QLK4-CT-2002-02678 (European Project): "Quality of Skin as a Barrier to Ultra Fine Particles" (2003-2005).