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Nuclear and Technological Institute (ITN) occupies a relevant position in the Portuguese science establishment. The areas of expertise of the Campus, notably those related to the use of ionizing radiations, the research infrastructures and specialized equipments installed (some of them unique in the country), and the quality of its research staff allow CTN to offer excellent opportunities for:

  • (A) Advanced scientific/technical training of students and young scientists in current areas of activity of the institute (environment, study and preservation of the cultural heritage, materials science and technology, life sciences, etc.). The trainees can either participate in the research teams of ongoing projects, or attend master courses organized in collaboration with universities.

    Under the supervision or co-supervision of inner researchers, a large number of young students prepares their final degree thesis, MSc thesis, PhD thesis, or undergo pos-doc training programmes.
  • (B) Training for professionals dealing with ionizing radiations and its applications in several domains of activity. Namely, it organizes courses where safe manipulation of equipments that use radioactive sources is taught by certified teachers.

1. Research Initiatives

ITN Education Center also promotes regularly initiatives to outreach to the general public, giving particular attention to young people. For this purpose, the Campus opens its doors to students from high schools, receiving typically one school per week. Also along this line, contributes to stimulate the interest of young people in experimental science, by offering one or two weeks hands-on training to high school level students at its experimental facilities. These activities are carried on in collaboration with external entities, notably, the "Ciência Viva Programme" during summer holidays.

Training Activities

Concerning training and fellowships, please see also vacant posts announcements.

2. Emission of Certificates

The ITN Education Center is responsible for the emission of certificates concerning training organized in the scope of its normal activities, both for its personnel as for external participants, and during collaboration with other external entities. So, to provide students with their certificates, all Research Organic Units of ITN should ask the Education Center for its issue, which will be based on the information sent:

  • Student's Name
  • Identification Card
  • Training Course Name
  • Start/Final Date
  • Training Duration
  • Research Organic Unit
  • Teacher's Name

3. Further Information

Please follow the following links, if you seek more information: